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60 Years: Congratulations From Susanne Hofmann of die Baupiloten

Susanne Hofmann (die Baupiloten) on the significance of the 1960s, the architecture of the future and her own experiences with DETAIL.

Susanne Hofmann is an architect and founder of the architecture studio known as die Piloten, which has branches in Berlin and Innsbruck. Her office works in an interdisciplinary team with a concentration on participatively developed educational, residential and cultural buildings as well as neighbourhood developments. Dialogue with users and clients is used to create bespoke, needs-driven solutions for each building project and specific context. The resulting innovative, socially committed architecture projects and participation-based processes and tools have been distinguished with a number of awards. Hofmann devoted her post-doctorate thesis to the topic of participative design; she has been internationally active in teaching and consulting since 1996. The office is currently planning two Montessori schools and other projects.

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