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Wine Shop in Rotterdam


Project description

This new Rotterdam wine store is located in a gabled brick shipyard building overlooking a quay. Last used as a workshop the interiors had to be completely gutted. The low ceiling and opaque domed roof-light at the back of the building were replaced with a much taller and extensive skylight.

Opening up the subterranean basement delivered an additional storey. The 200 sqm space is now a clearly defined and spacious shop where the focus is on the display of 300 different wines. By having the retail and tasting areas on different floors the architects were able to overcome strict Dutch regulations regarding the distribution of these two areas within the same space.

Project details

building type: commercial and retail buildings, shops
interior work material: wood, natural wood, metal, steel
topic: interiors, shop fitting
issue no.: I2/2016

Name of architect



DETAIL inside 2/2016

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