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Studio and Guest House in Riederau


Project description

This striking monolithic structure is a habitable sculpture in lightweight concrete. Erected on the architects’ own site, it complements their dwelling house from 1987 in the same material.

The spatial programme is extremely simple, comprising a kitchen-cum-living-room and a bedroom, with a bathroom between, while on the roof is an accessible timber deck.

Project details

building type: residential building, residential house
support structure construction: solid construction
roof construction: flat roof
support structure material: reinforced concrete, in-situ concrete
facade material: concrete, fair-faced concrete
roof material: concrete
interior work material: concrete, fair-faced concrete
topic: materials and finishes
issue no.: 04/2016

Name of architect

Axel Tilch + Gisela Drexler Architekten


DETAIL 4/2016

Further information

Axel Tilch + Gisela Drexler Architekten

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