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Stadium in Bordeaux

Project description

The new stadium stands on the northern edge of Bordeaux. The multifunctional arena for up to 42,000 spectators can host football and rugby matches as well as concerts and social events. The clear, orthogonal geometry of the structure is also legible inside the arena, not least from the rectangular opening over the pitch.

All functional and event rooms are located in the plinth surrounding the playing area, which supports the lower spectator stands on its inner side and provides the base for a continuous circulation level. An alternately stepped outer strip of auxiliary rooms defines the external limit of this level. The upper spectator stand forms a single unit with the 44 m cantilever roof, which has a neutral appearance from below so as not to distract from the action.

The internal space is as reticent as the building’s exterior is expressive. The complex stepped surface of the bottom of the upper spectator stand is supported on a dense, in some places randomly arranged network of thin, white columns, though which spectators pass on their way up the steps into the stadium. The interplay of these columns with the cubic overall form and the prominent plinth evokes the image of a white, filigree temple.

Project details

building type: sport and leisure, stadium
support structure material: reinforced concrete, steel/aluminium
issue no.: S2/2016


DETAIL structure 2/2016

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Herzog & de Meuron

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