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288 Inspirations to building envelope

Report: The Cutting Edge of Research – EPFL’s SwissTech Convention Center



One of the most noted buildings of recent ­years sports an undulating roof and curved courtyards of... » Project details

Administration Building in Geneva



The World Trade Organization (WTO) has its headquarters on parklike grounds on the coast of Lake Geneva... » Project details

House and Holiday Home in Kagala



In the context of a workshop on the future of tourism in the Western Ghats, India, the architects,... » Project details

New Reading Room of Berlin State ­Library



The rehabilitation of the Berlin State Library building, where the collections have been housed since... » Project details

Housing Cooperative in Berlin

Housing Cooperative in Berlin, ifau & Jesko Fezer


With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Kreuzberg district came to form an important part of the city... » Project details

High-Rise Housing Block in Oslo



The master plan for the new urban district of Opera Kvarteret at the centre of Oslo is based on the... » Project details

Technology: Seven Storey Wood Office Building in Zurich



In the centre of Zurich, not far from the main railway station, a spectacular office building has... » Project details

National Library in Riyadh

National Library in Riyadh, Gerber Architekten international GmbH


One of the distinguishing features of the King Fahd National Library in Riyadh, completed in 2013, is the... » Project details

Technology: A tube? No, an event landscape! – Terminal 3, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

A tube? No, an event landscape! – Terminal 3, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport


A “manta ray emerging from the depths of the sea, transformed into a bird and ascending ­into the... » Project details

Office building in Alcalá de Henares

 Office building in Alcalá de Henares, Alarcon + Asociados


A manufacturer of electronic security systems wanted a “unique and bioclimatic” building for its new... » Project details