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Process: Visitor Centre in Niederstotzingen

Project description

A person walking from the parking lot, along fields, toward the archaeological park will at first barely notice the visitor centre, which is tucked into a crescent-shaped grass mound. It has two openings: the wider one is recognisable as cafeteria thanks to the outdoor furniture; the narrower one is the main entrance.

After passing through the entrance tube, visitors enter a glazed lofty space. Through the glass they see the Vogelherd hillside. The view from the hillside back to the visitor centre reveals how thoroughly the new building and the outdoors meld into one.

The concrete-and-glass facade of the semi-circular building inserted in the landscape creates a courtyard, which is used for both leisure activities and for exhibitions and workshops. The design, chosen by means of a competition, is the work of a team whose members are able to think beyond the limits of their respective disciplines.

Project details

building type: cultural construction, Visitors' Centre
roof construction: flat roof, green roof
facade material: concrete, glass, fair-faced concrete
issue no.: 03/2016

Name of architect

Ritter Jockisch Architektur und Innenarchitektur


DETAIL 3/2016

Further information

Ritter Jockisch Architektur und Innenarchitektur

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