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Netherlands Embassy in Berlin

Project description

The glazed embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin radiates a sense of openness. The Dutch selected a site on the River Spree, with a view of barges and riverbank promenades. On the side facing the city, the development closes off the street block with an L-shaped building that contains accommodation for guests and part of the circulation system. The glazed “urban villa” has a 17 ≈ 17m footprint. Safety glass was used only for the ground floor windows to the consular spaces.

Project details

building type: state and communal constructions, parliament/government buildings
support structure construction: frame construction
facade construction: façade
roof construction: flat roof
support structure material: reinforced concrete, steel/aluminium
facade material: metal, glass, aluminium, float glass
roof material: concrete, precast concrete component
topic: interiors
issue no.: 10/2004

Name of architect



DETAIL 10/2004

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