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MyZeil Shopping Centre in Frankfurt on the Main

Project description

“Get the feel of a new dimension in shopping” is how “MyZeil” advertises itself on its website. In its dimensions and in what it has to offer, the new mall “auf der Zeil”, as the pedestrian zone in Frankfurt is called, does indeed exceed anything one has seen in Germany hitherto. MyZeil publishes its own glamorous magazine through which it advertises top coiffeur services for festive occasions, fantastic fast food and fashionable costume jewellery. What’s more, the architecture matches the things on offer. In a spectacular, expressive manner, the facade curves conically inwards. Only when viewed from the front, however, does the tapering funnel reveal its true form, namely an opening through the entire building that allows a view of the sky to the rear.

Project details

building type: commercial and retail buildings, shopping centre
support structure construction: frame construction
facade construction: building envelope
support structure material: reinforced concrete
facade material: metal, glass, steel
issue no.: 03/2011

Name of architect

Massimiliano Fuksas


DETAIL 3/2011

Further information

Massimiliano Fuksas

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