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Laban Centre in London

Project description

The Laban Centre is one of the largest institutions for modern dance in Europe. Named -after Rudolf Laban, the famous choreographer and pioneer of dance, it is situated among warehouses and workshops on a tributary of the Thames in Deptford, south-east London. The large volume of the building is well integrated into its surroundings, although the somewhat unreal, floating quality lent by the shimmering facades distinguishes the centre from the neighbouring developments. The structure is enclosed in a double-skin facade with a 60 cm ventilated cavity between the two layers. The outer skin, which provides thermal insulation and acts as a visual screen, consists of polycarbonate sheeting – either transparent or in different colour tones. The coloured coating was applied to the rear face of the inner layer of sheeting, which lends this skin a pastel-like, three-dimensional effect. The inner skin consists largely of translucent double glazing. Movement and communication, two central aspects of the dance centre, are also themes of the architecture.

Project details

support structure construction: frame construction
facade construction: façade
roof construction: pitched roof
support structure material: reinforced concrete
facade material: plastic, glass, insulation glazing
roof material: concrete, reinforced concrete
issue no.: 07-08/2003

Name of architect

Herzog & de Meuron


DETAIL 07-08/2003

Further information

Herzog & de Meuron

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