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Knife Manufacturer’s Showroom in Sanjō


Project description

The knife-manufacturer Tadafusa is located in the Japanese city of Sanjō on the west coast of Honshū, Japan’s main island. The town and its industrial outskirts have been renowned for the manufacture of high-quality handforged knives for over three centuries. The recently added small showroom with its separate ­entrance features a direct connection to the company’s production facilities.

Visitors enter the small shop through two ­ceiling-height ­timber doors in an otherwise entirely glazed entrance. In keeping with the raw industrial character of the adjacent factory the architectural elements such as steel beams, exposed concrete staircase and floors and white painted walls are restrained and low-key so that the ­focus is on the products.

Project details

building type: craftsmanship and industrial construction, cultural construction, production buildings, exhibition buildings
interior work material: concrete, wood, natural wood, metal, steel, glass
topic: interiors, shop fitting
issue no.: I2/2016

Name of architect

Yusuke Seki


DETAIL inside 2/2016

Further information

Yusuke Seki

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