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Jewellery Boutique in Beijing


Project description

Ippolito Fleitz have developed a comprehensive brand identity for new Chinese jewellery brand Dada that is tailored to the Asian market. Its design transforms the “mix & match“ principle — by which elements of the collection can be combined as required — into a setting of highly adaptable types of furniture.

As ­customers journey around the monochrome room they should feel as if they have entered an “enchanted forest“. Graphic facet patterns, backlit silhouettes and over-sized beauty posters serve as visual leitmotifs. The solid white lacquered furniture provides a formal bridge into the fairytale landscape and evokes associations to graceful mythical creatures.

Project details

building type: commercial and retail buildings, shops
interior work material: wood, wood-based material, metal, steel, glass, float glass
topic: interiors, shop fitting
issue no.: I2/2016

Name of architect

Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects


DETAIL inside 2/2016

Further information

Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects

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