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Garden Pavilion in Basel


Project description

In contrast to the icons of modern architecture, this guesthouse in the corner of an expansive, private garden appears solid and heavy. The rectangular massing does not attempt to compete with that of the main residence nearby. Instead it discreetly becomes part of the immediate surroundings: in collusion with tool sheds and covered woodpiles, it is completely sheathed in sand-surfaced roofing felt.

The simple form corresponds to a clear, symmetrically composed floor plan. ­Living room and bedroom – two nearly square rooms identical in size – occupy the two ends. Between them the kitchen and the bathroom are situated on either side of the efficient ductwork. The four areas can be separated by closing the folding doors, or, when all of the doors are open, connected as a circuit.

There are eight vertical windows; their frames can be slid completely into the reveals. Thus, the rooms can open up generously to the ­garden, but thanks to parapet and lintel, still provide a sense of shelter. Inside, the dark green, high-gloss lacquered lumber-core plywood, in combination with 3.50 m high ceilings, creates a noble atmosphere – more bourgeoisie salon than garden shed. This deliberate ambivalence is also in evidence in the approach to the simple facade material, and great care was taken in the craftsmanship ­required to “sew” the strips together and “compose” the seams.

Project details

building type: special constructions, pavilion
roof material: tar paper
topic: facades
issue no.: 07-08/2014

Name of architect

Christ & Gantenbein


DETAIL 7+8/2014

Further information

Christ & Gantenbein

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