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Garage and Vehicle Workshop in Andelfingen


Project description

The log house principle has proved itself over several milleniums. The 480 m2 garage and workshop in Andelfingen near Winterthur shows that this form of construction also works on the large scale. The column-free hall at the Neugut water services depot provides space for six large vehicles or machines.

Some 29.7 m long and with a clear headroom of 7.6 m, it ­allows mobile cranes to work inside unobstructed. At the front, the roof cantilevers well over the forecourt and shelters people working there. Assembled from 36 glued laminated timber wall members with interlocking ­corner halvings, the construction very closely resembles that of a traditional log cabin.

The “logs”, which are up to 32 m long, were prefabricated from Swiss spruce, delivered on semi-trailers and fitted together using a pneumatic crane in only four working days. Interlocking corners, the largest ever manufactured, secure the structure against overturning and longitudinal displacement. Kept in place by vertical steel pins, the logs are slightly offset to one another so that the building widens with height.

Project details

building type: craftsmanship and industrial construction
support structure construction: solid construction
support structure material: wood
facade material: wood
roof material: wood
interior work material: wood
topic: prefabrication / modular systems, industrial buildings, STRUCTURE
issue no.: S2/2016


DETAIL structure 2/2016

Further information

Rossetti+Wyss Architekten AG

Further information

Lüchinger + Meyer Bauingenieure AG

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