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Focus on retail and display: Think Emotional, Act Local: Retaildesign in China and Russia


Project description

The exploding retail sector in China leads to a booming interest in a successful retail design. The most important retail marketplace of the future has come into being at lightning speed.

By contrast, Russia’s boutiques reflect the values of a country that has left the growth phase largely behind, has a healthy middle class and is currently struggling with an economic recession.

Nevertheless the same applies to both countries when it comes to implementing retail concepts; in order to meet customers’ expectations, designers have to respect the local culture while presenting their own approach with confidence.

Whether it’s Asia, Russia or Europe the “Think Emotionally, Act Locally“ credo always applies. Without openness towards one’s counterparts, working methods and needs, professional design is impossible. Only a mindset ­focused on the user can result in a coherent design and happy, satisfied customers. (Peter Ippolito)

Project details

building type: commercial and retail buildings, shops
topic: interiors, shop fitting
issue no.: I2/2016

Name of architect

Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects


DETAIL inside 2/2016

Further information

Ippolito Fleitz Group Identity Architects

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