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Focus on hotels: FutureHotel: Where the Guest defines the Offer


Project description

You arrive at your hotel. You reach room 351 and hear a brief beep that confirms that your door has opened. You step inside and immediately find a familiar and pleasant environment. Your personal virtual assistant has linked up to the room control system and the music you were just listening to in the car is playing in the bedroom. Everything is organised according to your preferences and your needs.

This guest room entry scenario may seem ­almost obvious at this point because of the way the digital world has long since moved ­into and transformed our daily lives. The use of technology and digital networks changes our habits and behaviour patterns. Both factors ­influence our expectations and desires and enhance our capabilities. Never before have the individual needs of people been so comprehensively analysed and the findings so instantaneously and specifically interpreted.

Consumers take personalised services ­increasingly for granted, personal data is disclosed in return for specific amenities. Processes are thus optimized on all sides and the efficiency of service environments enhanced. The entire hotel supply chain has been re­written as a ­result of digitization. And with that, the guest journey, from hotel selection and ­arrival through sojourn to departure, has also undergone a drastic change. (Vanessa Bormann)

Project details

building type: hotel and catering trade, hotel
topic: interiors
issue no.: I1/2016


DETAIL inside 1/2016

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