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Flagship Stores in Rome and New York


Project description

Valentino Garavani founded his eponymous fashion label Valentino in the 1960s and still today the brand’s collections combine classic cuts and shapes with a variety of materials and colours.

Customers should have been therefore prepared for contrasts when Valentino commissioned British architect David Chipperfield to design a new store concept in 2008. For Chipperfield may be known for classical forms but he isn’t exactly renowned for ornamentation or extravagant colour.

The first flagship store based on Chipperfield’s design opened in Milan in 2012. Since then stores have been opened annually: in 2013 in Paris’ Rue St.-Honoré; in 2014 on New York’s Fifth Avenue; in 2015 near Rome’s Spanish Steps; and in spring 2016 on London’s Old Bond Street.

The architects selected the Italian palazzo as the spatial model for the stores and their aim was to recreate its atmosphere in various metropolises around the globe.

Project details

building type: commercial and retail buildings, shops
interior work material: wood, natural wood, metal, natural stone, bricks
topic: interiors, shop fitting
issue no.: I2/2016

Name of architect

David Chipperfield Architects


DETAIL inside 2/2016

Further information

David Chipperfield Architects

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