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Context: ArtEngineering – Engineering Services for Art

Project description

Detail: You work at the interface of construction and art. How did that come about?

Bretis: ArtEngineering was founded by Switbert Greiner. After graduating in structural ­engineering, he completed his doctoral thesis at the Frei Otto Institute and worked for a long time as a freelance in the offices of Schlaich, Bergermann & Partner and at SL-Rasch until setting up his own engineering consultancy. It was over 15 years ago when he first met Olafur Eliasson and began to work on art projects. In 2004, when I was already an established colleague, we worked mainly on the “Chandeliers” designed by Eliasson for the opera house, Copenhagen and made the decision not only to perform the structural engineering design for major artworks, but also to offer their complete realisation. Since the formation of ArtEngineering GmbH in 2005, as well as providing engineering services, we also take responsibility for the design and construction of art objects. After a period of two years as managing director, I took over the whole of the company at the end of 2014. The complete strategy, philosophy and way of working of Art­Engineering is heavily influenced by its founder and the Stuttgart School of Engineering.

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issue no.: S2/2016

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ArtEngineering GmbH


DETAIL structure 2/2016

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ArtEngineering GmbH

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