Beaubourg: A Russian sculpture by Nikolay Polissky.

Inspired by an iconic post-modern building of the 20th century, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the artist, Nikolay Polissky, took one of its emblems, a fan head ventilation pipe, as a root around which the Archstoyanie Festival of artists, musicians, acrobats and performers will meet. The installation is located in the Russian Ugra National Park, in a field between Nikola-Lenivets art park and Zvizzhi villages.

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City centre: Cite des Arts et de la Culture, Besaçon, France by Kengo Kuma & Associates.

Photo credits: Nicholas Waltefaugle.

The city of Besaçon has a long history, argued over between the French, Spanish and Germans for hundreds of years. So it is with this in mind that Kengo Kuma & Associates strove to create an architecture that could be at one with the river and mountains, the ancient Citadelle and the cultures of modernity.

The practice created a strikingly modern cultural centre that at once has become an architectural focus for the city as well as the centre of dance music and performance. Read more

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Apelle: A house in Karjaa, Finland by C-LAB.

Photo credits: C-LAB.

Apelle is a wooden family house that nestles in a pocket, gouged from the rocks by the forces of nature, a harbour in the forest. It is surrounded by trees which, in certain conditions form an extension of the interiors. But the house itself is an articulation of the forest, and cannot be regarded as separate or altogether distinct from it. Read more

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Projecting planets, Planetarium in Montreal by Cardin Ramirez Julien + Aedifica.

Photo credits: Ulysse Lemerisse.

The new home for the Montreal Planetarium uses a combination of robust architectural form, and state of the art projection systems, to create a wonderfully animated experience that will enchant architecture and star gazers alike.

Cardin Ramirez Julien + Aedifica have designed the external form as a loosely extrapolated pair of binoculars, but inside, rather more is going on.

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Great Fen Visitor Centre, UK by CMJN.

Images: CMJN.

The Great Fen Visitor Centre is a convincing attempt to intervene in a delicate landscape that man has radically altered since the 17th century, but which nature has resolved into a stable ecosystem of great beauty and value. The Fens were marshlands drained for agriculture. Subsequently, great swathes of peat were cut from the land for both fuel and agricultural nutrient. The result now, is a series of waterways teaming with diverse wildlife.

The French Practice CMJN won a competition with this delicate proposal they liken to a precise surgical intervention that, like acupuncture, works to enhance the natural rhythms and resources of the body. Their aim is to cause minimal disruption to the site’s ecological balance, whilst restoring the landscape to work more closely with the annual cycles of rising and receding water. Read more

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