In worship of the sun: Endessa Pavilion by the IAAC, Barcelona, Spain.

Photos: IAAC

An experimental project from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia has made the Endessa Pavilion part of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain. The project aims to explore how technology can create architectures that are adaptive to particular environments, and particular conditions.

This building starts with a simple premiss of a timber box with a grid façade on which modular components can be mounted. From an analysis of the building orientation and latitude, maps of insolation density can be created which allows façade components to be generated whose forms respond to the precise conditions expected at that point on the building. Moving across the façade each component will be different as its form is optimised to best meet the parameters to which it must respond. In this case that means providing shade and generating electricity from PV cells. Read more

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Zaha at the Architecture Biennale: What she has in common, and with who!

Computational flower.

Images: Zaha Hadid Architects.

When looking at at something apparently new, it is easy to think it has no basis in precedent or that the work represents a break with past thinking. This year, the Venice Biennale takes as its theme; “Common Ground”. It aims to show how the work of contemporary architects flows from the collective research that forms the body of architectural knowledge.

Zaha Hadid Architects explain on whose shoulders they stand. Read more

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Mysterious modulations: the Nóize chair by Estudio Guto Nequena.

Chair elevation

Photos: Estudio Guto Nequena

Even aficionados of modernist furniture would be hard pressed to recognize the genus of this chair designed by Estudio Guto Nequena of Brazil. The designers took, as their opening movement, the “Girafa”, a chair designed by the Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi.

In the next passage they took recordings from the streets that they describe as urban “noize” and mapped these on to the geometry of a CAD model of the original chair. Through a proscribed rule set the extraneous noise was allowed to “modulate” the existing geometry, deforming it and adding to it a sort of landscape reminiscent of a 3d oscillograph. Read more

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California Roll House by Christopher Daniels of Violent Volumes

Side view of house

Image: Christopher Daniels

The California Roll House is a concept home designed by Christopher Daniels of Violent Volumes for desert environments. The envelope gives the impression that it has been rolled to form an irregular shaped tube with glass end walls whose transparency is electronically controlled to respond to sunlight and to provide privacy. Read more

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