A preview of Peter Cook’s Bond school of architecture.

Photo credits: Christopher Hill.

Here is a sneak preview of Bond University’s new architecture school building designed Peter Cook’s office CRAB Studio. Cook co-founded the practice with Gavin Robotham after he retired as head of the Bartlett School of Architecture.

The building is slightly behind schedule due to some of the wettest weather on record for the Gold Coast of Australia. But who will remember the delays when the building is completed in a month or so?

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School Bridge: by Li Xiaodong Atelier.

When we speak of Chinese architecture, we have come to think of oversized cultural projects designed by those that should know better. But quietly working away in towns and villages throughout China, is an altogether more sensitive type of practice that is doing some beautiful and thoughtful work.

This project is typical of that, but there is nothing typical about the architecture. The building has a mixed programme that is a school, a cultural centre, and a habitable bridge. It’s entire conception is to enliven an old village, and sustain traditional village cultures. Read more

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New for old, old for new: Marecollege by 24 H Architecture.

Photo credits: Boris Zeisser.

Marecollege is a venerable secondary school with some 450 pupils, in Leiden, Holland. When it had to move to new premises, it commissioned 24H Architecture to convert and extend an existing, run-down 1960s school building into something more in keeping with its requirements and aspirations moving forward.

Externally, a new entrance was created in a building whose form is a lemniscate, something like a lacerated helmet. Set within a landscaped square against a façade of projecting timber fins, a strong sculptural composition is created. Read more

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Landscape of learning: A school in Copenhagen by 3XN.

Photo credits: Adam Mørk, Copenhagen.

Buildings in which we learn and develop are undergoing something of a rethink in countries with enlightened attitudes towards education. 3XN architects have designed this school in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen, Denmark, that has an unusually open spatial concept. Read more

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Kita Place: St Sebastian Church Munster, Germany by Bolles + Wilson.

Photo credits: Sabine Ahlbrand-Dornseiff & Rudolf Wakonigg, Bolles + Wilson.

Many churches in the western hemisphere are experiencing falling attendances, and some are being de-consecrated. St Sebastian in Munster was one such church which has found a new and exciting lease of life as a children’s nursery, a function for which places are in great demand.

Bolles + Wilson have exercised considerable creativity in rescuing the important elements of the existing architecture, such as its unusual elliptical nave. At the same time they have found unexpected space for the new programme.

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