Sandworm: Wenduine coast, Belgium by Marco Casagrande / C-Laboratory.

interior light play

Photos: Nikita Wu

Made from woven willow, dedication and inspiration, Sandworm is both art and architecture pretending to be nature. It falls within a long tradition of willow weaving normally more modest in scale and ambition but this piece has other, difficult to define qualities that seem to anchor it to this particular site and its natural environment. I speculate that were it moved somewhere else, that quality, whatever it is, would be lost.

Following on from C Laboratory’s CICADA – Urban Acupuncture project in Taipai earlier this year, the designers Marco Casagrande / C-Laboratory are are building their own grand tradition of willow weaving. This project is 45 metres long and about 10m at its widest point.

Source: e-architect.

side elevation

mouth of the worm

tunnel vision


looking out

external wall ot wicker

Town behind

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