Romance returns: Igloo Ventless fireplace by EcoSmart.

If it is cold where you are reading this, warm yourself with the thought of curling up in front of a real fire.

It is a long time since coal and wood was used to warm apartments in big cities such as London. As city dwellers got cleaner air to fill their lungs, thanks to laws restricting smoke emissions, they also lost the romance of the real fire at home.

Now you can get it back with the Igloo glass fireplace from EcoSmart.

The fireplace can be installed in any room as it does not need a vent or chimney. In fact it is portable. It has a stainless steel fire tray and a chic glass surround.

Best of all the fire runs on Bioethanol which is a renewable, biodegradable, source of energy… how warming!

Gratitude to Homeklondike.

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