A corker: Inrou; carrying case by Ryosuke Fukasada and Rui Pereira.

Photos: Ryosuke Fukasada.

Portuguese designer Rui Pereira and Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukasada have combined traditions from both their countries to create “Inrou” a cork backpack.

Ancient Japanese garments lacked pockets, so valuables were carried in “inrou”, small pocket boxes that contained medicines and small items of value. They were suspended on the wearer by string. In Portugal, traditional cork containers, known as “tarro”were once used as insulated boxes to preserve food.

This prototype builds on both those traditions.

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CAPTURE: an exhibition by Paul Cocksedge.

The British designer of this light fitting, Paul Cocksedge, has captured a moment of disbelief with his playful use of scale. “Is that really the correct size of the fitting?” the casual observer might ask.

Well yes it is! Read more

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Smart watch by Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Since the untimely death of Steve Jobs there has been the lingering question of whether Apple can maintain its position at the top of the technology tree. There have been rumours that they were about to release a smart watch, but so far no official word.

So it is with concern and surprise to see one of its main competitors, Samsung, release this smart watch first. Read more

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When the moon hits your eye: Lights by Matteo Ugolini for Karman.

As a student I lived in lots of places, mostly dives that were recommended by virtue of the fact they were clean, and relatively inexpensive to rent. However, the true price paid for inhabiting such uninspiring rooms was the inexorable sapping of the spirit, a finite resource at the best of times. In one such dwelling, gorged on love, and therefore insulated from my surroundings, I was certain that I could see the stars whilst staring heavenward, awake at night.

That memory is evoked by these lamps designed by Matteo Ugolini for Karman. Read more

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Wood: A bicycle by BSG.

Photo credits: spielplatz.

Using technology, the spirit of which was developed in early bi-plane aircraft design, this bicycle seems to have come full circle in its use of wood and steel.

Its frame is made from Ash ply, with steel stays and forks. The result is a bicycle that is light, flexible and gives a comfortable riding experience. Read more

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