Smart watch by Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Since the untimely death of Steve Jobs there has been the lingering question of whether Apple can maintain its position at the top of the technology tree. There have been rumours that they were about to release a smart watch, but so far no official word.

So it is with concern and surprise to see one of its main competitors, Samsung, release this smart watch first. Read more

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An outdoor cinema: Gorky Park Moscow by Wowhaus Architecture Bureau.

Photos: Ilya Ivanov.

Set in Moscow’s famous Gorky Park, the complex was conceived as a typical cinema stripped of all superfluous detail. So when Wowhaus Architecture Bureau designed this summer screening complex, their aim was to capture, as simply as possible, the spirit of a balmy summer’s day, recalling perhaps a classical Greek Amphitheatre. Read more

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Strung out: A canopy for a Williamsburg bridge by HOTTEA.

Photos: HOTTEA.

With a bit of imagination and a ball of string, one can do a lot more than find your way out of a maze.

The artist HOTTEA, who likes working with coloured string, is a case in point. She has created this installation over a rather dull-looking bridge in Williamsburg, USA and in doing so, is leading local residents out of the unfathomable monotony of their environment with the introduction of a little colour. Read more

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Booking-up: Birmingham library by Mecanoo.

Photos: Mecanoo

Europe’s largest public library opened yesterday in Birmingham, UK. The Library of Birmingham was designed my Mecanoo. They have delivered a spectacular building at what could hardly come at a more important time. British Government austerity measures are forcing the closure of many libraries up and down the country, whilst the onslaught of online media is raising fundamental questions about the relevance of bricks and mortar libraries. Read more

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Endlessly appealing: A stair by dRMM.

A highlight of the London Design Festival will no doubt be this staircase at the Tate Modern designed by architects dRMM. The design is inspired by the work of artist M.C. Escher who’s images of endless stairs are endlessly fascinating.

This “Endless Stair” is made from laminated tulipwood and will give visitors wonderful views over the river Thames, as well as a visceral sculptural experience.

At its highest level, the stair is 7.7m tall and can be walked every day from dawn to dusk. At night, the piece becomes an illuminates sculptural art work.

Christopher C. Hill.

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