A camera concept inspired by a classic

kamera-vespa-1One characteristic of icons is that they never disappear from our consciousness – and that they can always trigger that special ‘must-have’ reaction. Read more

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A Luxury Supermarket from the Master of Staging

chanel-lagerfeld-1Fashion Week in Paris is the perfect occasion to celebrate everything that represents the opposite of restraint. We have learnt to expect fantastic things from the uncrowned king of fashion, Karl (the Great) Lagerfeld. This time, he created a pop-up supermarket as the catwalk for his models to show the Fall/Winter collection from the luxury label Chanel. Read more

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Modular: Do-It-Yourself Chicken Coop and Garden

Do-It-Yourself Chicken Coop and Garden Urban farming is a fascinating topic – and this modular system is particularly suitable for both farming and animal husbandry on small areas.

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Paris: New Life for Old Metro Stations

All photos by NKM

Populist, or a bit far out? A candidate in the upcoming mayoral election in the French capital has recently presented several concept studies for the resurrection of decommissioned Metro stations. Read more

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Indulgence and a Hut: by Linedota Architects.

A typical hut with a painted front. Images: Linedota Architects.

Self indulgence, like a sweet desert, is best enjoyed rarely, and to mark a special event. Today is such an occasion.

My indulgence is to introduce a project from my own practice, Linedota Architects. The Flat Pack Hut was designed after a trip to Uganda on a charity mission to design a new school for a rural community.

Shocked by the lack of even basic facilities, it occurred to me that a single well designed school house might benefit a small community, but what about the neighbouring village? Without thinking about the bigger picture, the mission risked being no more than a manifestation of the architect’s ego. That would never do!

Thus was born the idea to design a wonderful school house that was inexpensive, earthquake safe, high wind safe, and could be built anywhere in the tropics. Read more

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