Mechanized orchestra created from decommissioned guns by Pedro Reyes.

The artist Pedro Reyes’s understanding of guns is such that with them, he can make music!

He acquires guns that were seized from drug cartels by the Mexican army before he modifies and reconfigures them to create musical instruments. The eight new instruments featured here, add to his growing mechanised orchestra.

The project known as “Disarm” is a collaboration with several musicians and Cocolab, a media studio in Mexico City. Read more

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Townhall for Kiruna, Sweden by Henning Larsen Architects.

Images: Henning Larsen Architects.

Congratulations to the good burghers of Kiruna, Sweden, in their choice of Henning Larsen Architects to design their new town hall. The architects teamed-up with Tema Landscape Architects, WSP Engineers, and Designers UiWE to win the competition.

The scheme has two key components: a crystal-like inner form, a reference to the large iron ore deposits found in the area, and an exterior ring, metaphorically and physically protecting the inner form. Read more

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The Square: An exploration of conformity by Seokmin Ko.

Photos: Seokmin Ko.

In this series of photographs the Korean artist Seokmin Ko uses a mirror to partially conceal whoever is hiding behind it. The context varies from natural or agricultural surroundings to roads, inside, and outside buildings. It is often difficult to see the mirror, but protruding past it are always the hands of the person concealed. Read more

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Holy water tower: an installation by Tom Fruin.

Photos: Tom Fruin.

The concept of “holy water” is well established in certain theological circles. But the New York based artist Tom Fruin takes this notion in a new direction with his coloured water tower. Read more

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Ferry terminal, Norway by Carl–Vigo Hølmebakk.

Photo credits: Carl–Vigo Hølmebakk.

It is a small and modest building, with a relatively small budget, serving a simple function. Yet its architect, Carl–Vigo Hølmebak, has managed to find an elegant architectural expression that also resonates with its setting.

As far as ferry terminal buildings go, it could hardly be more simple. Yet it is flooded with milky light, an important consideration in Norway, whilst during darkness, it acts a beacon – a symbol of refuge for boats approaching the harbour. Read more

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