Wow factor: B&O Beoplay A2

B&O Beoplay A2

Perfect sound in an attractive case: this new portable loudspeaker from specialists Bang & Olufsen not only creates great sound, it also evokes a definite must-have feeling.

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Perfect home for whiskered housemates

CatCube by Delphine CourierAnyone who has been granted the privilege of acting as a human can opener and attention dispenser to a cat will naturally do anything to please their furry masters, hopefully without encroaching too much on their own aesthetic living style.

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Adieu to red wine stains: Saturn Glass by Superduperstudio

Saturn Glass by Superduperstudio

Photo: Superduperstudio

If your many upcoming seasonal parties get a bit out of hand, these attractive wine glasses will prevent stains on your fine damask tablecloth, even when little accidents occur.

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Open Toys: Veggie fun from the 3D printer

Open Toys

Photo: NotCot

Generally, the expression “don’t play with your food” is still true. But just this once, it is possible to make an exception – and then turn the toys into a tasty soup once we have finished playing.

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UFO in the forest: Football stadium by OFIS

Football stadium by OFISNowadays, a football stadium is an absolute statement structure. This one has just been completed in the city of Barysaw, Belarus.

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