Rare early American map found in Germany

Map by Martin Waldseemuller known as the “birth certificate of America”.

A copy of a rare 16th century map made by Martin Waldseemuller has been found in the pages of an old and unrelated book in Germany. It is though to be the first document to show America, then newly discovered. The map has become known as “the birth certificate of America” and is only the fifth example to be discovered. Read more

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The force of Aboriginal Art.

Left to right: Tingari by Ronnie-Tjampitjinpa and Sandhills by Dorothy-Napangardi.

Whilst the earlier post today talks of Western art, lets not for a moment think that art from other traditions is inferior in some way. Here are four examples of contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art that illustrate the point.

The work of the three artists featured: Ronnie-Tjampitjinpa, Dorothy-Napangardi and Walangkury Napanangka is firmly rooted in historical Aboriginal culture. But traditionally, paintings such as these perhaps arranged as ground mosaics were an integral aspect of complex cultural systems involving chanting, dancing and other activities that together made-up a rich and diverse way of living. Read more

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Art by MOKOO

Fresco Siena

Detail of the Effects of Good Government. A Fresco in the City Hall of Siena by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1338.

“Oh,” the line went, “You remind me of the lovely Aletta Adriaensdr.“ was how I first came across the new App ‘Art’ by MOKOO. Of course the chat-up line was not directed at me, but so smoothly was it delivered, following a quick study session in the ‘Gents’ of a London pub, that the potential for this App, beyond its use by students and academics, was obvious, even too me.

The App’s potential for spotting cads, in London pubs or elsewhere, is also not to be ignored. If the quarry of that particular opening had it installed on her phone she would quickly have referenced the 1639 masterpiece by Rembrandt to learn she was probably not being complimented at all! I worry as to how the evening progressed when I had left! Read more

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Tasteful towers: Outotunoie by mA-style architects.

Photos: Kai Nakamura.

The exciting exploration of the contemporary Japanese house continues with Outotunoie by mA-style architects. It is conceived as two mini towers that are connected by a bridge that forms a lounge area. The elevated room that is created provides the occupants with a vantage point to appreciate the splendid views, but without total disconnection from the street that say a penthouse might imply. Read more

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Green groupings: Centre for Virtual Engineering, Stuttgart, Germany by UNStudio.

perspective image

Photos: UNStudio

This building, designed by UN Studio, has received a Gold Certification from the German Sustainable Building Council. The building is essentially an office building but it aims to expand “contemporary understandings of new working environments and affect a design approach that creates working environments which stimulate communication, experimentation and creativity…”

We are also told: “The traditional office grid and the separation of work spaces is replaced by the incorporation of extensive visual connections, spaces for incidental and planned meetings and flexible office ‘laboratories’ with shared work stations.“

Read more

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