On reflection: Hansha reflection house, Misakimizube Koen,Tokyo by Studio Sklim.

house perspective

Photos: Jeremy San.

The idea of reflection as the conceptual generator for a house has a layered meaning, according to the designers Studio Sklim. Beginning with introspection, the shadowy ground floor study and library is an architectural manifestation of this idea that is carried throughout the design. Literal meaning in this idea is explored with the reflection of exterior light and views, as well as internal reflections that help to sculpt the space with light and shadow.

There is a certain mood that comes with this house which is explored in the rich dark finishes both internally and externally. Perhaps this can be read as a post modern critique of light and air as the precursors to health and well being, where quiet contemplation in a darkened room can be just as commodious to health as a sunshine bath! Read more

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A mountain of a house, Japan by Studio Velocity.

Perspective of house

Photos: Kentaro kurihara / Studio Velocity.

From 2009 the Mont Blanc House designed by Studio Velocity is an essay in simplicity and artifice. It is not just the clean lines and simple forms that make this design so attractive.

The house, its particular open windows and façade cuts, somehow suggest an attitude to life, or a freedom to choose ones own life style that its occupants clearly enjoy. Read more

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The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012. London

Courtyard instalation.

Installation by Chris Wilkinson RA . Photos: Luke Hays.

Since its founding in 1768 by George III, the Royal Academy in London has held 244 summer exhibitions to showcase the work of artists of the day. This year, an architectural installation by Chris Wilkinson, one of its academicians, marks the occasion as the central feature in the entrance courtyard.

Each year, artists and architects who are not academicians can submit works to the Royal Academy and similar institutions around the great cultural capitals of Europe and elsewhere. Works are selected for display in the exhibition by a jury or panel. But what happens to the many works that do not make the cut? Read more

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Sculptural salvage? Reed table by Els Woldhek & Georgi Manassiev.

end fiew of table

Photos:Georgi Manassiev

Looking as though they might have been hacked off a quaint cottage in rural somewhere, Reeds – R2 presented by Els Woldhek & Georgi Manassiev starred at the recent Sofia Design Week. Read more

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Office building for a steel company in Linz

the entrance in the evening

Photos: Jo Feichtinger

For an office block commissioned by The Voest, as The Voest steelworks of Linz is affectionately known, it has a lot to say, which it does with simple eloquence. High on the agenda of all western owned, polluting heavy industry, whatever remains of it, is the environment and the reduction of the company’s impact upon it. Then there is corporate responsibility, or put in a slightly different way, the expression of power and importance with social responsibility. Finally, there is the promotion of its products. The ranking of priorities on this list may vary depending on who is discussing it.

The political power of architecture, to address a complex agenda, remains undiminished. This was a fact clearly appreciated by The Voest. They took every precaution to get this building right, beginning with a limited competition that saw Dietmar Feichtinger Architects win the right to design it.

Read more

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