Overflowing: JOKI bench: by Kayiwa

Top of bench

Photos: Chikako Harada

In Finnish JOKI means river. It is the flow of the river that has inspired the form of this piece. Designed by Lincoln Kayiwa, each bench is of four pieces although, like its namesake, it can flow on, over as many modules as you please. Read more

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Setting the table for aluminium: Design contest.

aluminium sections

Photos: NH Photographes

A competition to rethink the dining experience has been launched by Alcola Canada in cooperation with the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec.

The competition is to design a utilitarian product made of aluminium for an indoor or out door dining area. Ideas could be as diverse as a knife, light fitting, culinary tools or even a piece of furniture.

Five finalists will receive Can. $5,000 to create a design sketch of their concept. The winner will get Can. $25,000. Read more

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Funeral Parlours in Hung Hom, the funeral district of Hong Kong

the funeral district

The district of Hung Hom, Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong has surprised me many times since I first visited in 1997. The scale and density of the city is breathtaking, and its qualities combine to create the most intense urban experience it is possible to imagine. Recently however, a new aspect of the city was revealed to me when I was called upon to attend an important funeral. The great rituals of life, birth weddings and funeral celebrations are at the heart of any society and I felt it a privilege to be a participant on this occasion. The occasion was of course solemn and sad, but beyond that, the intensity of the experience was pure Hong Kong. There was so much to see and learn. Read more

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Pachacamac Hill House: Peru by Louis Longhi

house entrance

Photo credits: Longhi Architects

Whilst it is convenient to have a hook on which an architect can hang their work, for example a particular and recognisable style, sometimes work proceeds more by instinct. For such designers, responses are intuitive and highly dependent on context and brief. Louis Longhi might be considered such an architect, and as you might expect, his work shows great sensitivity. Read more

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Trying for the title: Varna Tennis Centre, Bulgaria by Matija Djedovic.


view of centre

Images: Matija Djedovic

It is clear that tennis is taken very seriously in the city of Varna. This complex, if built, will not only help to put tennis on the map but also the entire city.

The form of the complex aims to achieve the apparently contradictory objectives of standing out as a landmark, but not being too intrusive of the cityscape. It must also fit in with the topography of the landscape. That should not be a problem as a scheme of this scale is its own mountain! Read more

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