Down to the line: Fred Perry shop design, London by BuckleyGrayYeoman.

The store front

Photos: Hufton + Crow.

By far the biggest rush of the Olympics is not found on the running track, but in the preparations to be ready on time. And there is no group rushing more to be ready than the army of commercial enterprises that aim to squeeze as much lubrication from the games as possible, in order that their retail machines will continue to roll smoothly when the games are over. In this context, retailers have been investing in quality shop design with an eye to longevity, or at least what counts for longevity in the sphere of retail fit-out.

BuckleyGrayYeoman’s design for Fred Perry in the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, next to the Olympic Park, London, is a good example. The designers have taken the soulless shop shell and embroidered a story in the design based on the brand’s rich 60 year heritage. Read more

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Quiet in the forest: Bromont House, near Quebec, Canada by Paul Bernier Architects.

detail of the house

Photos: James Brittain.

This weekend house set within the forest near Quebec, and within sight of the Appalachian Mountains, is ordered around the diurnal activities of its occupants. The “day block” incorporates the shared living spaces, study, kitchen and dining room, whilst the “night block” incorporates the sleeping accommodation.

Paul Bernier Architects has has ensured that the accommodation is arranged to engage in an environmental dialogue both with regard to spectacular views, lay of the landscape and its natural features, but also orientation with respect to the sun and other environmental considerations. Read more

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Lovely loop: Lotus sculpture at Goodwood, England by Gerry Judah.

Close up of the sculpture

Photos: David Barbour.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is the UK’s largest car culture event. But the “petrol heads” do not have it all their own way as there is usually an infiltration of artistic culture. This year, a 28 metre tall sculptural piece designed, by Gerry Judah provided, the respite from things mechanical. Read more

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The alternative cultural Olympiad: A summer pavilion in London by KREOD.

Photpmontage of the building.

Images: KREOD

An enterprising group of individuals calling themselves KREOD have managed to acquire a site between the London Emirates cable car and the O2 Arena, firmly on the Olympics trail. They have designed a pavilion using generative CAD software, found sponsors and now they are in the process of building it. Read more

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A pick of summer art and architecture exhibitions.

Rossi painting

Teatro del Mondo, Venezia: Aldo Rossi, 1980.

Not a subject often spoken about by the Olympic Organising Committee, but his summer will see a larger than usual migration out of the British capital by inhabitants wanting to get away from the games whilst their roads, restaurants, public transport system and even their billboards are hijacked by the Olympic sporting circus when it comes to town.

This post suggests four of interesting summer exhibitions you might come across in other cities around the world. Read more

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