Ancient inspiration: Luminaries by Hiroyuki Murase and Suzusan.

detail of fabric

Photos: Stephan Bayer

These beautiful luminaries use an ancient Japanese textile finishing technique called Shibori (translated as wring and twist) to give a three dimensional structure to fabric. Hiroyuki Murase, the designer of these luminaries and founder of Suzusan the company that produces them, comes from Arimatsu, a town between Kyoto and Tokyo. His family also has a long tradition working in Shibori.

He has taken the traditional techniques and applied new materials, such as polyester, and found new techniques, such as heat-treating, to permanently lock-in the three dimensional forms and structures. This experimentation has allowed him to create these enchanting textile shades, as well as many other products such as clothing.

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Pommery eye garden for the Cityscapes Garden Design Festival by Andy Sturgeon.

London eye with garden

Photos: Cityscapes/ Mischa Haller.

This is the season when the British love of gardens and gardening bubbles exuberantly to the surface, so lets enjoy it. London hosts the Chelsea Flower Show, the Chelsea Fringe (see other post today) and here the Southbank and Bankside Cultural Quarter’s Cityscapes festival.

Garden designer Andy Sturgeon has commandeered a capsule from the London Eye and temporarily converted it in to an elegant city garden. Perhaps resembling a flying balcony. Read more

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Guerilla Gardening at the Chelsea fringe: An alternative flower show.

poster of the event

Image: Bicycling beer garden with Benson Jones.

You have heard of the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show, well this isn’t it! Far more interesting is the Chelsea Fringe flower show which explores the dark arts of guerilla gardening, seed bombs, cheeky land grabs and a whole lot more.

The festival runs from the 19th may to the 10th of June across London and has things for everybody from the academic to to cyclists and children’s activities. Read more

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Overflowing: JOKI bench: by Kayiwa

Top of bench

Photos: Chikako Harada

In Finnish JOKI means river. It is the flow of the river that has inspired the form of this piece. Designed by Lincoln Kayiwa, each bench is of four pieces although, like its namesake, it can flow on, over as many modules as you please. Read more

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Setting the table for aluminium: Design contest.

aluminium sections

Photos: NH Photographes

A competition to rethink the dining experience has been launched by Alcola Canada in cooperation with the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec.

The competition is to design a utilitarian product made of aluminium for an indoor or out door dining area. Ideas could be as diverse as a knife, light fitting, culinary tools or even a piece of furniture.

Five finalists will receive Can. $5,000 to create a design sketch of their concept. The winner will get Can. $25,000. Read more

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