Student swinging: A small house by Tengbom Architects.

In the normal scale of things 10 square metres does not constitute a place to live, unless you are a dog that is. But if you are a Swedish student, thanks to some very clever work from Tengbom Architects, 10, beautifully designed, square meters is what you might get.

Living in a cross between a kennel and a detached house, kitted out with all mod-cons, you will have to be very creative if you are going to rip-roar your way through university living in a place like this. There will certainly be no swinging, or keeping of cats. Read more

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Shared living a lifestyle choice: by Naruse-Inokuma Architects.

Modes of living have varied with the age and the prevalent culture. Recent trends suggest that evermore single people will live alone in small apartments, but this is not sustainable. More interestingly, some single people are beginning to challenge this paradigm, thanks in part to popular TV shows that depict fashionable young, and even older people, enjoying this way of living.

The problem to date has been that most accommodation is converted from larger houses, but this project by Naruse-Inokuma Architects is a new build. The opportunity has therefore been given to consider what shared accommodation could actually be like. Read more

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Step Tower by EASTERN Design Office.

Photo credits: Koichi Torimura.

A small apartment block in Osaka, Japan, has been given a strong sculptural identity by virtue of its gleaming white walls, that will surely fade, and its heavily sculpted balcony slots that will not.

Taller than its immediate neighbours, at 10 stories, the building’s massing and formal strength cause it to stand – out. Interestingly, its stripped-down “moderne” language, reminiscent of the early 1930s, looks futuristic and machine like, even today. Read more

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San Lorenzo North House by Blacam and Meagher Architects.

Photo credits: de Blacam and Meagher Architects.

If golf is your thing, then living beside a golf course might be your dream. But if you simply dream of living in a beautiful house, this property, overlooking the San Lorenzo golf course in Quinta do Lago, Portugal, might seem like an apparition. Read more

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Housing by Office For Beyond Boundaries Architecture.

This apartment block in the Naebalsan-dong district of Seoul, aims to redefine the quality of housing in a city where much of it is nondescript.

The block is designed by Office For Beyond Boundaries Architecture, (OBBA) who took time and trouble to understand their task with thorough analysis of the district, before finding disarmingly simple design solutions. Read more

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