Urban villas, Lake Lucern, Switzerland by Lisher Partner Architects.

Photo credits: Roger Frei.

The hillside overlooks beautiful Lake Lucern, but the site’s difficulties include being heritage protected, height restricted and set on a steep slope. Undeterred, Swiss firm Lisher Partner Architects heavily notched their collection of villas in to the site slope thus concealing much of their bulk. Read more

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Play architecture: Conan House by Moon Hoon.

Photo credits: Moon Hoon.

This unusual looking house located in Daejeon, South Korea is known as “Conan house” which translates as play house. Moon Hoon, its designer, has extended that concept to the architecture, in that it is both playful and whimsical.

At the centre of the house is a staircase that winds up the building in a slightly haphazard way creating interesting spaces that are exploited as features of the design. Externally, the form resembles an uneven octagon in section with a octagonal pattern inscribed in the façade. There is a sense that the form is a coiled spring waiting to unwind. Read more

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H3 house by 314 Studio.

Photo credits: 314 Studio.

It may not physically move like a yacht, but it almost certainly has the the capability to transport whoever visits the H3 villa to a place that is at once wonderful and exotic. And whilst the house does not float, it appears to levitate above a pool of water, with much grace and elegance. That is a composition much striven for by its designers, 314 Studio. Read more

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Core blimey: The Rose: Tokyo, by N Maeda Atelier.

Photo credits: N Maeda Atelier.

With the direction moving from spaces that tight-fit the programme to loose-fit, readily convertible volumes of building, The Rose, a house in Tokyo, designed N Maeda Atelier appears to buck the trend. What is the explanation for its novel form? Read more

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A spiritual house: Napa River house by Craig Steely Architecture.

Images: Craig Steely Architecture.

This proposal for a house in California, USA , takes its inspiration from the humble ski lift. Set on a steeply sloping site surrounded by vegetation, the lounge and terrace areas appear to soar into the air thanks to a dramatic cantilever and the site’s topography. Read more

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