Caravan in the flat: The Kempart Loft , Liege, Belgium by Deithier Architectures.

Photo credits: Serge Brison.

It might look like somebody has left an Airstream in a loft, but this design for a loft apartment in Liege, Belgium, by Deithier Architectures is rather more sophisticated than that. Read more

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Modern massing: A modular house Pedrezuela, Spain by Elii.

Photos: Miguel de Guzmán.

When a woman who worked amongst horses decided she wanted to live in a more rural setting, her vision of the dream home suggested a bespoke house, but with a modest budget that would not be easy.

A chance meeting with the Spanish practice Elii resulted in an exciting brief that saw them develop a creative, highly modular approach to the house design. This enabled a high level of prefabrication and cost efficiency, without compromising individuality.

The result was a stylish and elegant house that captured the spirit of their client’s interests in horses, and the countryside. Read more

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Suburban splendour: Sunny Villa, Sidney, Australia by MPR Design Group.

Photos: John Gollins.

There is such a direct connection in Australia between desire to build and build what you desire. At least it appears that way from the perspective of heavily restrictive zoning laws in London.

The Hewlett House, constructed in the Sidney suburb of Bronte, and designed by MPR Design Group, appears to epitomise this relative freedom to design. Read more

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Beach house ,Netherlands by Tjep.

Images: Tjep.

With the apparent form of an English seaside bathing hut, this house plays tricks with its scale. Then there is that funny solar tree sprouting from the roof! It looks like a children’s cartoon, but then who wouldn’t feel like a child if they had a wonderful house like this on the beach? Read more

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The scent of architecture: A house with a living wall, Lisbon Portugal.

With its living façade this lovely house site proudly if mysteriously somewhere in the city Lisbon, Portugal. With its long thin rooftop pool it evokes the early work of Koolhaas at Villa Dall’ Ava but the language of this building is far more polished. Read more

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