Rooms and a view: Kiritoushi House, Oamishirasato City, Japan by Sugawaradaisuke.

Photo credits: Takumi Ota.

The house design, by Sugawaradaisuke, takes as its parti the regular grid of neighbouring houses in the suburb of Oamishirasato City, where the house is built. This grid is then distorted to allow the central space of the house to maximise the wonderful view form the rear of the site, across some fields towards a forest.

The result is a house, for a couple and their two children, build entirely around a view. Read more

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Seeing double: two houses in Barcelona by Pich Architects.

Images: Imagen: Simón García, Barcelona.

The architects, Felipe Pich-Aguilera and Teresa Batlle, sought to resolve the formal relationship with an existing property on the site, as well integrate the garden, and nearby Collserola Park, into the design of this pair of houses in Barcelona, Spain.

From the street, there are four modules apparent in the massing, giving a smaller urban grain to the exterior of the houses. Internally, this articulation provides a degree of spatial complexity. Constructionally, the entire property has been conceived as assembled from industrial systems, including large format ceramic materials. These are carried through from outside to in, and they correspond with the existing property on the site also designed by the same architects. Read more

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Three courtyards house, Portugal by Miguel Marcelino

Photos: FG + SG.

Enclosing a large cork oak tree the three courtyard house by Miguel Marcelino  is a product of a sunny climate and a perceptive view of nature. Located in Vila Nova de Santo Estêvão, Benavente, Portugal its defining feature is the way it uses a series of courtyards as outdoor rooms that also act as intermediate spaces to the landscape beyond. Read more

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Ascetic adventure: Casa Viva, Asia, Peru by Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architecs.

Photos: Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architects.

This house is conceived by Gomez De La Torre and Guerrero architects in 2009 as something like an ascetic retreat, though granted, not one that a famous ascetic such as St Francis of Assisi might understand!

The design relies on sliding walls and surfaces, to create a reconfigurable series of spaces that constantly play with the threshold of indoor and outdoor. Read more

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Formula living: D*Haus, Anise Gallery, London.

Images: D*.

In 1903 Henry Dudeney proved that a prefect square could transform into an equilateral triangle. The D*Haus is inspired by this idea and is the hook on which D* hang their work. Read more

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