Endlessly appealing: A stair by dRMM.

A highlight of the London Design Festival will no doubt be this staircase at the Tate Modern designed by architects dRMM. The design is inspired by the work of artist M.C. Escher who’s images of endless stairs are endlessly fascinating.

This “Endless Stair” is made from laminated tulipwood and will give visitors wonderful views over the river Thames, as well as a visceral sculptural experience.

At its highest level, the stair is 7.7m tall and can be walked every day from dawn to dusk. At night, the piece becomes an illuminates sculptural art work.

Christopher C. Hill.

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Manifest Station: A vanishing act by Mona Caron.

Photo credits: Mona Caron.

Utility enclosures are usually ugly boxes, context-less and ubiquitous. Ripe for some artistic treatment, the muralist Mona Caron has made one disappear!

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Staples of sculpture: by Jerry Bleem.

The artist Jerry Bleem works with everyday found objects, and staples! He creates organic forms, mostly vessels of some kind, that resemble abstracted plant life, shells and fossils. It is the practical as well as symbolic nature of the vessel that attracts the artist’s interest.

The myriad of staples that cover the outer surface of the sculptures mostly conceal the constituent parts. But the artist is arguably working within an ancient tradition that dates back thousands of years, and which he consciously erodes. Read more

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Art in the sand by Jim Denevan.

Photo credits: Jim Deneva

Hanging out on beaches is something the artist Jim Denevan likes to do. But far from taking in the sun and the sea, he uses the beach as his canvas, creating works on an impressive scale. Perhaps even more remarkable is that the works will vanish within a few hours. Read more

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Beaubourg: A Russian sculpture by Nikolay Polissky.

Inspired by an iconic post-modern building of the 20th century, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the artist, Nikolay Polissky, took one of its emblems, a fan head ventilation pipe, as a root around which the Archstoyanie Festival of artists, musicians, acrobats and performers will meet. The installation is located in the Russian Ugra National Park, in a field between Nikola-Lenivets art park and Zvizzhi villages.

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