Questions of vision: Images by Neil Montier.


Images: Neil Montier.

As an artist and photographer working out of London, Neil Montier has produced a range of interesting work that comments on the ideals of early Modernism.

In his work In Arcania’ and ‘The Belt’ , he explores both the promise of Modernism through its utopian visions and its dystopian realities, using the technique of relocating architectural monoliths to new environments. The results are both unsettling and yet compelling. Read more

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In the round: Art gallery by aat + Makoto Yokomizo Architects.

Photo credits: aat + Makoto Yokomizo Architects.

The Japanese poet ant painter, Tomihiro Hoshino was famously injured in an accident in the 1970s that rendered him paralysed from the neck downwards. With inspiring courage, and even more inspiring skill, he continued to paint using his mouth.

In his honour, an art gallery was opened in his home village of Azuma, Japan, to display his work. The gallery became known across Japan, and soon, bigger premises were required. Eventually, after an international competition, aat + Makoto Yokomizo Architects were commissioned to design a new gallery. It was completed in 2005. Read more

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Make masterpieces with Architecture Lego.

Now children pay attention!

With the introduction of technical sets, Lego long since realised that just because you get older, does not mean that you actually grow up. Now the toy maker has also realised that even if you did not study architecture, you might still want to make models of famous buildings.

The Lego Architecture series offers the opportunity for anybody to build models of famous Modernist masterpieces as well as other interesting buildings. Read more

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A spiritual house: Napa River house by Craig Steely Architecture.

Images: Craig Steely Architecture.

This proposal for a house in California, USA , takes its inspiration from the humble ski lift. Set on a steeply sloping site surrounded by vegetation, the lounge and terrace areas appear to soar into the air thanks to a dramatic cantilever and the site’s topography. Read more

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Unquera Parish Church,Cantabria,Spain by Fernandez-Abascal y Muruzabal with Ortiz y Barriento.

Photo credits: Pablo Ausucua GarcĂ­a.

In the small Spanish town of Cantabria, Fernandez-Abascal y Muruzabal working in collaboration with Ortiz y Barriento, has designed a parish church, that although abstracted to a minimal form, will be immediately understood and recognized as a Catholic place of worship by the parishioners.

The church is richly decorated, but not by applied paints and arts, rather by the materiality of fabric and finishes. Read more

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