Sandworm: Wenduine coast, Belgium by Marco Casagrande / C-Laboratory.

interior light play

Photos: Nikita Wu

Made from woven willow, dedication and inspiration, Sandworm is both art and architecture pretending to be nature. It falls within a long tradition of willow weaving normally more modest in scale and ambition but this piece has other, difficult to define qualities that seem to anchor it to this particular site and its natural environment. I speculate that were it moved somewhere else, that quality, whatever it is, would be lost. Read more

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Coffee in an instant: Hourglass table by Shinobu Koizumi

side view t table

Photos: Shinobu Koizumi

Capricious and fun, this hourglass coffee table by Shinobu Koizumi is light relief for a quick coffee. Designed to look like the sand from an hourglass frozen in time the idea plays on the notion of the coffee break as respite from a relentless schedule. Read more

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Disaster control centre Minamiawaji City: by Endo Shuhei Architect Institute.

view from harbour

Photos: Endo Shuhei Architect Institute

Continuing with my occasional review of interesting Japanese work from he recent past, this disaster control centre by Endo Shuhei simultaneously captures the notion of a medieval castle whilst finding an expression for a state of the art defence facility. The building has several functions around the the control of water. Read more

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Contemporary furniture: Nautilus by Marc Fish.

logrithmic spiral table

Photos: Marc Fish.

 Nautilus is a furniture piece I have recently come across by the designer / maker Marc Fish. The brief was open, both a dream and a challenge to any designer. It was however constrained or perhaps informed by the fact that it was designed for a specific, large loft-style apartment overlooking the sea. Read more

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In a pretty cabinet. Furniture selection by Wales and Wales.

tower caminets

Photos by Walter Gardiner and Leigh Simpson

It is not strictly necessary to have a pretty cabinet in which to keep your champagne, but if you had one of these, designed and made by Rod and Alison Wales, it would almost certainly taste better!

Such is the elegance, beauty and craftsmanship of these pieces, that examples of them are already in public galleries such as the V&A as well as private collections. The good news is that you do not have to be a Queen to own such a thing. Wales and Wales would be delighted to create a cabinet just for you.

Read more

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