Pure light from a bottle: by Arik Levy for Lasvit.

By using modern lighting technology, Arik Levy has created a minimal fitting that is apparently made from bottles. The result is pure in its aesthetic, but also has conceptual purity. Read more

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Freshly baked idea: Black Gold by Ingo Schuppler.

The expression “black gold” has traditionally been associated with mineral oil. It is the burning of oil for energy that produces carbon, that has become public enemy no 1 with environmentalists. So it is with sweet irony that Ingo Schuppler, who works out of Leipzig, Germany, designed this lamp using carbon to evoke that heavily weighted expression.

Whilst the cultural rehabilitation of a blackened phrase may not have been his primary objective, the designer has shown a flash of creative genius that should inspire us all to find new ways to do familiar things with lower environmental impacts.

Read more

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Translucent ceramics by Masahiro Minami, with Michio Akita for Souhougama.

Photos: Masahiro Minami.

For English ladies of a certain period, the pride of her home was traditionally the quality of her fine bone china. To serve high tea in anything less would have been exceedingly detrimental to her reputation.

One of the hallmarks of the quality of bone china is its translucence. Persons partaking of the beverage may have surreptitiously held the teacup behind a light source, and from this understood the distinction of the hostess.

Socialites of today now have an opportunity to impress their guests with translucent ceramics of a different variety. Read more

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Light work: Silo 468, Helsinki by Lighting Design Collective.


The Madrid based Lighting Design Collective, LDC, brought a touch of warmth and passion to Helsinki this year, with their sensuous work for the Silo 486 project. It formed part of the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012, but has quickly become a compelling experience for visitors and locals alike. Read more

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Let there be better light:A new type of plastic lamp.

Photo: Wake Forest University

As the entire lighting industry gears up to LED lighting is that technology about to be outshone by new developments in electroluminescent plastics?

Professor David Carol and other researchers at Wake Forest University, USA, have published an interesting paper in the journal Organic Electronics, that proposes lamps working on the principle of field-induced polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) to emit hight quality light. Read more

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