Wormdal House, Haug, Oslo, by Jensen & Skodvin Architects

Living room of house

Photos: Jensen & Skodvin Architects

On a predominately urban situation on the edge of the centre of Oslo, is the site for the Wormdal House full of mature trees and landscape. Such things are rare for a relatively central location in the city. By manipulating the views out of the house, Jensen & Skodvin Architects used the landscape to create the illusion of a rural retreat.

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The Shanxi Grand Theatre, Taiyuan, China by Arte Charpentier Architects

Shanxi theatre by day

Images: Arte Charpentier Architects in collaboration with the Shanxi Institute of Architecture

City gateways, either physical or metaphorical, are seldom as elegant, or as heroic as the Shanxi Grand Theatre. Arte Charpentier Architects saw the project as an opportunity to take the theatre to the people by creating a giant esplanade under the building where outdoor performances can be staged. In that sense the form of the building can be seen as a proscenium arch under which performances will take place, but also as a metaphorical gateway to open expression. Read more

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The ‘M’ Building by Stephane Maupin Architectes + Design and Nicolas Hugon Architects

external perspective

Photos: Cecile Septet

Urban planning constraints on this site in Paris preclude a typical street elevation of flats from overlooking a cemetery to one side and a school yard to the other. In response, Stephane Maupin Architectes + Design and Nicolas Hugon Architects have designed a canyon-like building that turns inwards. Gardens and yards are cut in a stepped formation that resemble the ravine of a great river shaped into terraces and where rice might soon grow. Read more

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Celebration of Japanese Architects Momoyo Kajima & Yoshiharu Tsukamoto with the RIBA awards

Aerial view

Photos: Atelier Bow-Wow

Tonight Momoyo Kajima & Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow, Japan, will be made honorary international members of the Royal Institute of British Architects, part of the The RIBA Gold Medal 2012 event. This honour is given to non-UK practitioners for, what is considered by the RIBA, their particular contribution to the architectural field and profession. So in the spirit of the award and the evening, I would like to explore one of their projects, Miyashita Park, Tokyo, completed last year. Read more

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MORI x hako dental clinic by UID Architects

Entrance to building

Photo: Hiroshi Ueda

A dental clinic in Fukuyama City by UID Architects is an essay in materiality, light and views. Users of the building appear led through from one intriguing space to the next by tempting glimpses of what lies beyond, like a glutton might follow the aroma of freshly baked bread. Read more

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