Breathing tower: Taiwan by Decode Urbanism Office.

Breathing like a giant vertical monster… The interesting thing about this tower proposal is not its form, but the way it would generate energy.

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Blossom gate by Studio Preteck, Xiangyiang.

View by day.

Images: Preteck.

Gateways have significance as thresholds from one physical place to another. But the physical gateway can also mark the transition between states of mind.

The Chinese tradition of calligraphy is about harmony between man and nature, or expressed differently, balance between man and nature. It therefore seems appropriate that this gateway proposed by Viennese practice Studio Preteck takes calligraphic letters and flowers as the inspiration for the design of the gateway to China’s largest botanical garden in Xiangyiang. Read more

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Cultural clarity: Cultural and tourist information centre, Tokyo by Kengo Kuma Associates.

External perspective

Photo credits: Takeshi Yamagishi.

The recently opened Culture and tourist information centre by Kengo Kuma Associates looks to create a new type of layered architecture. The concept is to pile-up buildings from the surrounding Asakusa district extending it’s liveliness vertically. The irregular façade suggests a series of roofs, each of which enclose a particular activity beneath. Read more

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Transport to the Alps: London Cable Car by Wilkinson Eyre.

View of pylons

Images: Wilkinson Eyre

First there were the Beckton Alps – giant industrial spoil heaps that were the highest points in the flat industrial landscape of East London. Now we have the latest exciting, if slightly incongruous addition to London’s transport infrastructure, the London Cable Car.

People travelling on the Docklands Light Railway, across the east of London over the bank holiday weekend, were treated to a preview of the shrink-wrapped cable cars scuttling back and fourth between their pylons. Read more

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Sounds of harmony: Municipal Auditorium of Teulada by Francisco Mangado

front elevation

Photos: Juan Rodríguez

In a Spanish valley running from from the mountains to the sea, is an urban centre that is essentially composed of two separate towns: Teluada and Moriara. Though distinct, the towns share many things including the local culture. They now share a beautiful auditorium set in the mountains and overlooking the valley and the sea. Francisco Mangado has carefully controlled the views and setting to develop the relationships of sea, mountains and the people and culture that connect them. Read more

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