Romance returns: Igloo Ventless fireplace by EcoSmart.

If it is cold where you are reading this, warm yourself with the thought of curling up in front of a real fire.

It is a long time since coal and wood was used to warm apartments in big cities such as London. As city dwellers got cleaner air to fill their lungs, thanks to laws restricting smoke emissions, they also lost the romance of the real fire at home.

Now you can get it back with the Igloo glass fireplace from EcoSmart. Read more

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Mint: Private mini-bar by Sebastian Herkner for Böwer.

Photos: Sebastian Herkner.

Coming just after the festive season, this product might make you feel a little queasy. But once the diet has worn off, and the New Year resolutions melted with the snow, this personal mini-bar is just the thing to get your zone of comfort to another level.

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A younger look drives Rolf Benz.

A younger look drives Rolf BenzThe independent Black Forest firm of Rolls Benz has a tradition of producing high quality modern furniture. But looking forward it is bidding for a younger clientèle who might have less cash to spend. In response they have produced this fresh, colourful range of pillows that aims to turn the sofa into… well if not a catwalk, then a place inspired by it.

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