Hanging out in Barcelona: A green wall by Capella Garcia Architecture.

perspective of the living wall

Photos and drawings: Capella Garcia Architecture.

Since at least Babylonian times, hanging gardens of significant scale have been thought of as wondrous things. But beyond the spectacle of the garden itself, is the structure within which the garden is created. Capella Garcia Architecture have designed this hanging garden or, as they tend to be known these days, a green wall, to be around for some time. The garden especially when the planting is fully mature will be wondrous if not on the scale of the ancient mystical gardens. But I imagine that many, even without the plants, would be happy to sit and stare at the structure for a while.

Green wall products on the market tend to be cheap plastic affairs that can accommodate plants of a certain limited size. They tend to been used as a canvas in which different coloured, or structured plants are used as pixels to draw a large, if abstract design.

This project in Barcelona has a substantial galvanized steel frame creating eight levels which are accessed via a stair. It is altogether more substantial than the usual living wall described above, and with imaginative management could become a type of social garden where local residents could come together to tend it, exchanging flowers, produce, gossip and goodwill.

side elevation

detail of wall

detail of wall

wall without plants

detail without plants

detail of structure


structure drawing

section drawing

planting drawing


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