Sandwich sofa by Katrin Greiling

Sandwich sofa by Katrin GreilingThe needs of youth (think student apartment) have proven the virtue of this sandwich sofa.

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Richard Neutra: The undiscovered furniture designer

Lovell Easy Chair (1929), Low Organic Table (1945), Cantilever Chair Wood (1942)

Lovell Easy Chair (1929), Low Organic Table (1945), and Cantilever Chair Wood (1942) form Neutra Furniture Collection

His light-flooded houses are icons of the International style. Now an entire furniture collection based on designs by Austrian-American architect Richard J. Neutra (1892-1970) is to be issued.

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Back Up Japan Designed by Soichiro Kanbayashi

Table islands

Photos: Takumi Ota

The beauty and fluidity of the sea is at once in tension with the flat table surfaces that appear as islands. The islands appear solid yet they float on a tumultuous sea. Somehow this tension articulates the precarious nature of a land on the ‘ring of fire‘. Read more

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Smart Square Modular Shelf by Pietro Russomanno

Close up of squares

Photos: Pietro Russomanno

Modular shelving has never really died, but it has found a new and elegant expression in the Smart Square system by Pietro Russomanno – a Milanese based designer. Read more

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Chair with room for ideas: Hollow Chair by Judson Beaumont

Hollow Chair by designer Judson BeaumontThe shape may be classic, but what is stored in the hollow frame under the chair and in the armrests, is entirely individual!

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