Forest feeling: An extension in Brecht Belgium by dmva.

Front facade.

Photo credits: Frederik Vercruysse.

The “A” frame house has a long and arguably problematic tradition in timber construction. Whilst it is simple to design and build, the problem is that because the walls slope inwards, the usable area is greatly reduced, making the form fairly inefficient and the space oppressive to inhabit. Extending the house is however easy, as one can simply add another bay extruding the form lengthways.

But dmva did rather better than that when designing this tiny 29 meter square extension.

By extending to the side, the new space created has the inverse feeling of the “A” frame in that the wall of the extension leans outwards. This enables all the floor area to be used, and gives the impression that the new room is actually bigger than it is. The architects have reinforced this illusion by creating a white space with fully glazed side walls that give the feeling of sitting in the forest itself.


Gratitude to Dwell.

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