Sculptural ceramics by Isabel Merrick.

Sculptural ceramics by Isabel Merrick

Photos: Isabel Merrick

Working in Devon in the south west of England, Isabel Merrick‘s sculptural ceramics are suffused with local, as well as Japanese influences. The textures, forms, and reflective qualities found in the landscapes and seascapes of Devon, provide a set of qualities that she collides with a corresponding set of Japanese inspired textural and formal qualities.

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Woven wood, by Garry Allison with Ismini Samanidu.

Timber Twill. Photos: Garry Allison.

CNC Routers are interesting beasts. Most of the time they are used to knock-out volume produced kitchen carcasses and cupboards. But in the hands of a master, the possibilities of contemporary wood carving become alive.

Garry Allison runs the 3d Design course at Falmouth University and has recently exhibited his work at “Collect” an exhibition run by the UK Crafts Council, he has also exhibited at the Wills Lane Gallery in St Ives. Read more

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Fabulous, unfathomable furniture by Françoise Fredj Weill.

An unusual collection of furniture pieces designed by Françoise Fredj Weill will go on show in a private house in London. Some of the pieces are so unusual it is not always obvious what they are for. The designer sees the collection as the expression of a story between designer and maker. Read more

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Desk design gets complicated: Design & Chaos by Itay Ohaly.

variations on a theme

Images: Itay Ohaly

Design is often thought of as a rejection of chaos, but with this interesting work by Itay Ohaly he has sought to embrace chaos and guide it in the form of a rule set within which designed objects can become less predictable. Design & Chaos, as the range is called, consists of a series of desks that are composed of parts designed by different people who were ignorant of what the purpose of their actions would be put to. Read more

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Cable by Anthony Hartley. Furniture designer and maker.

Photos: Anthony Hartley

Table and chairs

Anthony Hartley is a designer / maker of furniture with an eye for innovation and detail. The family of furniture featured here is known as “Cable”. The name comes from the cable ties that are used to stitch the components of each piece together. Read more

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