Cosmic Chandelier. A mobile lamp by Nathalie Dewez.

Lamp in atrium

Photos: Stijn Bollert

The contemporary chandelier has been something of a play ground in recent years, often referencing historic examples, but updated using contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques. Nathalie Dewez has come at this from a different perspective designing an illuminated ball that is suspended in space, and which can be lowered or raised according to the mood or event. There is an obvious cosmic reference with an illuminated planet and its counter weight suggesting an orbiting moon. It is certainly, dare I say, out of this world!

Nathalie Dewez was the Belgian designer of the year in 2011 and after studying interior design she has settled on lighting design – for the time being at least. Find more information about her here.

Betail of the light

lamp at dusk

drawing of lamp

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