The renovation of Husteca archive, Spain.

The historical archive and library of Husteca in Spain has been renovated to revive an important civic building and institution for the town. The renovation was led by the architects Ana Moron Hernandez, Raymond Bambo Naya and Pedro Lafuente also working with Nuria Montero García. They managed to find a contemporary language that resonates with the historical built fabric.

The highlight and relatively brave design decision, considering the historical context, is a wall made from folded copper that appears as a blank façade, but it also conceals glazing elements behind. It forms a new façade within the original volume of the old building between brick flanking walls. The apparent height of this façade gives the building the aspect of a tower whilst its blank, if pleated, appearance lends a sense of solidity to the proceedings. Read more

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The Hills have highs: Stuttgart, Germany , House in Weinberg by UNStudio.

View from above.

Photos: Iwan Baan.

The internal centre piece of this house is a wonderfully sinuous and sculptural stair that appears as though it is allowed to twist the form of the entire building. But from particular viewpoints outside, this twist becomes an extension of the landscape.

Located between the city, a vineyard and the hills beyond, UNStudio have taken the profile of a surrounding hill from a particular view point and used it to inform the lines of the exterior and what ultimately becomes the sinuous stair.

The result is that the house looks almost plugged into its surroundings, or better still, extended or unravelled from them. Read more

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An experimental family kitchen for a chef.

Renata Faudin Gilli, Mariel Silvia Maria Jimena Acuña and Vicar

Chefs work notoriously long hours. So if they must cook at home, they at least want to see their families whilst they are doing it. This is the assumption behind a space designed by architects: Renata Faudin Gilli, Mariel Silvia Maria Jimena Acuña and Vicar for the latest edition of Casa FOA 2012 Molina City, an Argentinian exposition. The idea is to put the chef at the heart of the household when he is working.

Read more

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V4 House, São Paulo, Brazil by Studio MK 27().

House from roof terrace.

This amazing house in São Paulo, Brazil was designed by Studio MK 27(), a Modernist Brazilian Practice. The truly amazing thing about the house is the expanse of vanishing glazing that turns the property into an outdoor space with a sun shade roof. Read more

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Stairway to …The ZHA Gallery. London.

stair from front

It is unlikely to take you to heaven, but this floating stair from Zaha Hadid Architects might attract you to the London Festival of Architecture. As part of the festival, ZHA are launching the ZHA showrooms where some of Zaha’s other creations will be on display. Read more

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