Codes in the Clouds: Liss C. Werner.

CITC_IV_Atrophic Re-Topography
Nana Choi, Elisabeth Song and Michael Jeffers.
Project Title: Transformative Metempsychosis.

The architectural research studio, “Codes in the Clouds”, was formed at the Dessau International Architecture Graduate School, by the German architect, teacher and academic, Liss C. Werner.

She has exhibited the studio’s work at the 13th Venice Biennale in 2012 and, as a visiting professor, taken it on tour to the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2012–13.

Here is some of the studio’s exciting recent work as seen through her own, and her student’s projects in both Germany and the USA.

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A tourist fortification, in Koblenz.Germany by Dethier Architecture.

Photo credits: Thomas Faes.

When the German town of Kloblenz wazs chosen as the site to host the Bundesgartenschau, a 185 day biennial horticultural show that attracts some 3.6 million visitors, the town seized the opportunity to develop its own identity as a tourist destination. A kind of open-sided gallery was required, from which the large-scale event could be viewed. Read more

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Kita Place: St Sebastian Church Munster, Germany by Bolles + Wilson.

Photo credits: Sabine Ahlbrand-Dornseiff & Rudolf Wakonigg, Bolles + Wilson.

Many churches in the western hemisphere are experiencing falling attendances, and some are being de-consecrated. St Sebastian in Munster was one such church which has found a new and exciting lease of life as a children’s nursery, a function for which places are in great demand.

Bolles + Wilson have exercised considerable creativity in rescuing the important elements of the existing architecture, such as its unusual elliptical nave. At the same time they have found unexpected space for the new programme.

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The Hills have highs: Stuttgart, Germany , House in Weinberg by UNStudio.

View from above.

Photos: Iwan Baan.

The internal centre piece of this house is a wonderfully sinuous and sculptural stair that appears as though it is allowed to twist the form of the entire building. But from particular viewpoints outside, this twist becomes an extension of the landscape.

Located between the city, a vineyard and the hills beyond, UNStudio have taken the profile of a surrounding hill from a particular view point and used it to inform the lines of the exterior and what ultimately becomes the sinuous stair.

The result is that the house looks almost plugged into its surroundings, or better still, extended or unravelled from them. Read more

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Automotive acropolis: Porsche pavilion by Henn Architecten.

Evening viewBuilding sexy cars, or any other volume produced product, is one thing. A lot of time and effort can be spent polishing every aspect of the object before it goes into production. But creating a sexy building, a one-off masterpiece is, as every architect knows, another thing altogether!

Porsche certainly design and make beautiful and refined cars. To celebrate and show them off in style, it has also commissioned a very special building in its new pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. When the company became part of the VW Group it needed a bold and exciting presence alongside the pavilions of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. This pavilion by Henn Architecten gives the brand its due. Read more

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