Knitted furniture by Monomoka.

In early youth during the grey Communist days of Poland, the creative twins Monika and Kasia Gwiazdowska sought desperately to find new aesthetic values that could define them.

As well as studying architecture, they learned sewing, knitting and crocheting which has helped them to develop their own furniture label, Monomoka. Read more

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Pompom passion by Studio Avni.

The Pompom Pouf and the Pompom Stool, are part of a series of furniture pieces designed by Studio Avni, that are made from old silk sarees.

The dresses are worn by women across India and are noted for their gorgeously rich fabric. But like any clothing sarees wear out and are usually discarded. But the pompom series uses the old fabric and up-cycles it into something extraordinary. Read more

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Mille – Feuille, by Emmanuelle Moureaux for Schonbuch.

The assumption that drawers must hide away in a corner is firmly laid to rest with Mille – Feuille, a furniture concept designed by Japanese designer Emmanuelle Moureaux for German manufacturer Schonbuch. Read more

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Infinitely stylish: Minipool by Ludovica + Roberta Palomba for Zucchetti.

If your days of Olympic swimming are over, but you still feel the need to splash around in style, then this jacuzzi-style mini pool, designed by Ludovica + Roberta Palomba for Zucchetti, might be your thing. Read more

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Proud as a Peacock, a chair by Studio Dror for Cappellini.

The Persian Peacock Throne, was a silver, gold, and jewel encrusted throne that was stolen from India in the 18th century, and sent to Iran where it became a symbol of monarchy… only for it to be plundered again by the Kurds and melted down for cash!

Yet, whilst the Peacock Chair may be less glamorous than the Peacock Throne, and unlikely to be plundered for booty, it can still amplify ones sense of self importance with just three pieces of wool felt and a base metal frame!

Read more

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