Cult workshop: L’Atelier by AAVP Architecture.

Photos: Luc Boegly.

The ever evolving notion of the library as place combining a range of cultural activities, has found another expression in the L’Atelier. A cultural workshop designed by AAVP Architecture, in the town of Gournay-en-Bray, France.

Built on the site of an old factory, the project has sought to reconcile a number of existing buildings, with new structures and landscape. The composition also incorporates views and street frontage into a cohesive whole. It was a formidable task, elegantly executed. Read more

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A Modern Med: An installation in La Grande – Motte by David Hamerman.

Photo credits: Paul Kozlowsk

La Grande – Motte is a commune on the Mediterranean in Languedoc-Roussillon, southern France. It was built in the 1960s and 1970s at a time when jet travel was being introduced, making mass tourism possible. But whilst the northern Europeans tended to flock to Spain, La Grande – Motte became a firm favourite with the French themselves.

The Festival des Architecture Vives, has become part of the national architecture debate in France. Part of its annual celebration is to build two pavilions one of which for this year is in La Grande – Motte. It is designed by David Hammerman. This pavilion is also part of a process that to some degree begins to write a cultural heritage for a place that is also coming of age.

The pavilion by David Hammerman Architects, both captures the frivolity of the mass tourist with its glancing reference to Egyptian architectural icons, and it comments on the notion that one can build an instant town by the sea, through the choice of concrete re-bar as the material of construction. Read more

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France’s highest building. Refuge du Goûter

What kind of an eagle would nest at such an altitude?

Perched near the summit of Mont Blanc it was designed by Groupe H, who have something of a reputation for futuristic buildings in the French Alps. Read more

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City centre: Cite des Arts et de la Culture, Besaçon, France by Kengo Kuma & Associates.

Photo credits: Nicholas Waltefaugle.

The city of Besaçon has a long history, argued over between the French, Spanish and Germans for hundreds of years. So it is with this in mind that Kengo Kuma & Associates strove to create an architecture that could be at one with the river and mountains, the ancient Citadelle and the cultures of modernity.

The practice created a strikingly modern cultural centre that at once has become an architectural focus for the city as well as the centre of dance music and performance. Read more

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Every man’s home in a castle: A house in Yvelines, France by Christian Possinger Architecturepossibilities.

Photo credits: George Dupin.

The kernel of the project is the desire for a large house, where each of the children can have some independence from the family group. This architecture establishes each child as the keeper of their own tower in a glorious interpretation of a 19th century, romantic and rambling country house, taken after a medieval castle.

Christian Possinger has conceived the perfect place for a child to grow up. Read more

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