New for old, old for new: Marecollege by 24 H Architecture.

Photo credits: Boris Zeisser.

Marecollege is a venerable secondary school with some 450 pupils, in Leiden, Holland. When it had to move to new premises, it commissioned 24H Architecture to convert and extend an existing, run-down 1960s school building into something more in keeping with its requirements and aspirations moving forward.

Externally, a new entrance was created in a building whose form is a lemniscate, something like a lacerated helmet. Set within a landscaped square against a façade of projecting timber fins, a strong sculptural composition is created. Read more

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World’s tallest climbing wall, Groningen, Netherlands.

It is a tall statement for a flat country. The climbing wall at Groningen, in the Netherlands, is almost 37 metres high and is named Excalibur after the legendary King Arthur’s sword.

Read more

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Flemish Barn by Arend Groenewegen Architect.

Photos: Arend Groenewegen Architect.

The original barn was built around 1800 and was in a thoroughly dilapidated condition. The proposal therefore to convert it into an office was welcomed, as it represented the best chance of saving the original structure. The project was completed in 2009. Read more

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Brick houses Molenplein, Netherlands by Tony Fretton Architects.

Photos: Christian Richters.

Working to a masterplan designed by West 8, Tony Fretton Architects teamed-up with Dutch firm Geurst en Schultz Architecten to produce these simple, elegant houses based on an abstracted notion of the classic Dutch Canal House. Read more

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Beach house ,Netherlands by Tjep.

Images: Tjep.

With the apparent form of an English seaside bathing hut, this house plays tricks with its scale. Then there is that funny solar tree sprouting from the roof! It looks like a children’s cartoon, but then who wouldn’t feel like a child if they had a wonderful house like this on the beach? Read more

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