Primordial pleasure: Skate shelters by Patkau Architects.

Photo credits: Patkau Architects.

There is a primordial quality to these obelisk-like forms, evoking great stone circles such as Stonehenge. But far from being massive and heavy, these skate shelters are rather delicate ply structures. They are however primordial, in that they provide that most basic of human need, shelter. A response to the biting Canadian winter, a reprieve for the hardiest of winter skaters. Read more

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Projecting planets, Planetarium in Montreal by Cardin Ramirez Julien + Aedifica.

Photo credits: Ulysse Lemerisse.

The new home for the Montreal Planetarium uses a combination of robust architectural form, and state of the art projection systems, to create a wonderfully animated experience that will enchant architecture and star gazers alike.

Cardin Ramirez Julien + Aedifica have designed the external form as a loosely extrapolated pair of binoculars, but inside, rather more is going on.

Read more

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One Yonge: Toronto, Canada, by Hariri Pontarini Architects.

Images: HPA.

Yonge Street is said to be the longest street in North America. At one end it meets Lake Ontario, and at this junction a new development is proposed of 6.4million square feet. Read more

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Svelte lady: Iréne, Montreal, Canada by KANVA.

Night elevation.

Photo: Jimmy Hamelin.

Iréne, is an urban housing project in Montreal, designed by KANVA. It explores a number of ideas that have more general application for housing projects and conversions of existing buildings.

A brick warehouse building from the 1930s presented a solid, if uninspired starting point, upon which a three storey extension has been constructed. The brick part of the building came to be seen as heavy, in its aesthetic appearance, its physical qualities, and in the historical gravity that maintains its linkage to the surrounding urban context and the collective memory of a city quarter undergoing rapid development.

This then, was the foundation for a break with the old aesthetic order and the opportunity for new, light, modern and adaptable construction to colonize the building and the district. Read more

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Life without walls: A roof terrace, Montreal, Canada by Martine Brisson.

Photos: Marc Cramer.

A landscape, designed by Martine Brisson, creates what is really an outdoor apartment on the roof of the former studio residence of the painter Betty Goodwin. With a kitchen, living space, bathroom and garden, the work imagines a world with fewer walls, set in splendid isolation. Read more

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