The Square: An exploration of conformity by Seokmin Ko.

Photos: Seokmin Ko.

In this series of photographs the Korean artist Seokmin Ko uses a mirror to partially conceal whoever is hiding behind it. The context varies from natural or agricultural surroundings to roads, inside, and outside buildings. It is often difficult to see the mirror, but protruding past it are always the hands of the person concealed. Read more

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Holy water tower: an installation by Tom Fruin.

Photos: Tom Fruin.

The concept of “holy water” is well established in certain theological circles. But the New York based artist Tom Fruin takes this notion in a new direction with his coloured water tower. Read more

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The colourful voice of Istanbul.

Most protest movements that survive the early indignation of the establishment, become the establishment. Some so called “street artists” or “graffiti artists” now command six or seven figure sums for their works that hang in international galleries. Arguably, such artists have been neutered.

But in a poetic subversion of art, Huseyin Cetinel, a retired forestry engineer, painted the Findikli stairs in Istanbul in rainbow colours, but he soon found the people of the city was using his idea as a voice for protest against the authorities. Read more

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Strung out: A canopy for a Williamsburg bridge by HOTTEA.

Photos: HOTTEA.

With a bit of imagination and a ball of string, one can do a lot more than find your way out of a maze.

The artist HOTTEA, who likes working with coloured string, is a case in point. She has created this installation over a rather dull-looking bridge in Williamsburg, USA and in doing so, is leading local residents out of the unfathomable monotony of their environment with the introduction of a little colour. Read more

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Smoke as sculpture by Eyal Gever.

Images: Eyal Gever.

Billowing smoke and gas are beautiful in their fluidity, but are difficult to catch in a photograph. Artist Eyal Gever has found a way to capture that complexity using layers of images creating a sculpture. Read more

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